Common mistakes made when you buy a horse!

For many people when they buy a horse it is a very emotional experience. And because of this, emotions play a big part when you buy a horse. Along with emotions there are other factors like finance, breed, color, discipline, etc. I have compiled a list of some common mistakes I have seen people make and hopefully this list will help you when you go to buy a horse.

1. Finances almost always play a part to a certain extent when you are looking to buy a horse. And because of this many people end up with younger inexperienced horses or older ones that have barely had any time put on them. Of course these horses are appealing because their prices are reduced due to the lack of training and experience the horse has. Training is expensive and time is precious so if you aren’t experienced with horses it would be better and cheaper in the end if you buy a horse that is older with tons of experience. Just get on and ride!

2. Love at first sight! You go to buy a horse and it’s the breed you want, the color you have been looking for and of course when you went to look at him he came right to the fence to greet you. SOLD! A common case of emotions gone wild when you went to buy a horse.

3. Or you aren’t even in the market to buy a horse but you have the room and this horse needs rescued. Yet another case of emotions gone crazy! However in this particular case this is the first time you buy a horse and have no idea about the financial commitment involved. Surprise!

4. Too many people never ask to try the horse out first. When you buy a horse ask for a trial period. I have done that with all my horses and it’s the best way for you to get to know the horse and in the end buy a horse that is the best fit for you. If the owners have nothing to hide then it shouldn’t be a problem.

5. Time and time again I have seen people buy a horse that is not their skill level. They have dreams of barrel racing, jumping, endurance riding, etc. so they buy a horse that’s already at that level but they have done nothing to train themselves to be at that same level.

6. So many times I have also seen people buy a horse without having a vet check done. They get their horse home and it’s not long before signs of lameness or other medical issues start to arise. If you do buy a horse without a vet check you could be looking at writing a large cheque of your own.

7. When people buy a horse they rarely consider the emotional and mental state of a horse and just check out the physical state. Many, many horses have been emotionally damaged in their past and it can take years of proper care with connection, love and even medication to get them back to a state of trust with the human. If you buy a horse like this you had better be very prepared for the journey.

So those are just some of the common mistakes I have seen when people go to buy a horse. Please take careful consideration when you go to buy a horse as they have feelings and emotions just like you and I.

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