Well the whole bowed tendon thing with Mr. Tay really wasn’t going over that well with him. We had spent a month of literally doing nothing other than cold hosing and wrapping. Then over the next month we tried some riding but that didn’t work out the way we had hoped. Then I noticed Tay starting to pull away emotionally. He no longer was curious as to what I was doing in the pen and would just stand by the fence looking out as if he was ignoring me. When I would hand walk him and Ms. Winnie in the morning again he wouldn’t interact like usual. Right then I decided to forget about the leg for a while and just spend some one on one time playing with him. We went in the round pen at liberty and just did some stick to me, backup, sideways, circles and spins all at a walk. Just from 15 minutes of one on one play time I had my Mr. Tay back. He started following me around the pen again and would play with whatever I had in my hands including the umbrella on our rainy walks.

Even when your horse is sick or injured you have to be very careful what you concentrate on. Things may need tended to but be mindful of how much energy you put into it. Take care of things but feed what really needs fed, your relationship, and the rest will take its course and fall into place when its time.


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