Manual Float or Power Float?

Getting your horses teeth done is a necessary procedure as horses teeth are constantly erupting. Now what I have found interesting is the differences in manually floating your horse or power floating. Both procedures have there place but which one will you choose? From what I have learned a basic float is better off being done manually while extensive dentistry work would benefit from a power float. Also what I found interesting was when the procedure is being done it would be best not to have their head propped up on a stand because horse’s heads are very heavy and it’s easy for them to end up with chiropractic issues. Now power floating is much faster and physically easier on the dentist but is it really the best way to float your horses teeth? Get informed and make sure your horse isn’t having any TMJ pain after being power floated as it can be a result of over floating. Our horses can be very stoic at times and we may never even know the pain that they are enduring.


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